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!Janua Frequently Asked Questions

What can Janua do for me?

Janua indicates you which 3D objects you need to render in a scene.
It indicates the 3D objects that are likely to be visible from your current position, thus avoiding objects that are hidden by other objects. This saves rendering time, increases the performance and yields higher framerates.

How does Janua work?

Janua takes all the a 3D scene polygons and generates connected portals and cells. These are used to determine which 3D models have high changes of being visible from a given viewpoint.

How much does Janua cost?

It is free.

Can I use Janua in my low budget IPhone/IPad/Android game?

Of course! That's what Janua is for.

Do you provide support for this product?

Only on best effort basis. If you are developing a commercial product, consider using a more robust and industry proven engine, such as Umbra.

What languages are supported for Janua?

C/C++ are supported natively using either lib or dll. Ports to other languages can be easily done, as the visibility database file format is open, and base source code in ANSI C is available. Ports to other languages are encouraged.

What does Janua mean?

Janua is the latin for Janus god for doors, passages, endings and time, elements tightly related to this occlusion culling engine. The logo is the Arch of Janus.

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